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It all started when…I was old enough to hold a pencil! It probably sounds a little conceited - its really not its just how it is. Creativity is in my blood - its who I am and I absolutely cannot survive without it.

At school I was always a dreamer, my head was always in a world that was mine - full of wonderful things that stimulated my senses and imagination - unlike it has to be school! I began scribbling, drawing creatures and remember vividly entering a drawing competition and winning it at a very young age.  I rushed up to the teachers and interupted them talking - which was met with much raising of brows - they said to me " I hope whatever it is is worth interupting us for" - I looked right at them and said "it is!!! look what Ive won! " at that time is was £10 which to me meant the world!  Ive been creating in many ways since then.  I went to Art School and had an amazing adventure there and was chosen along with a small handful of students throughout the UK to take part in a young designers exhibition in London, where I produced a range of fashion accessories and became involved with shows.  I worked as a stylist, and MUA in photographic studios as well as working on shows and in the advertising industy.  More recently Im represented by a publishing house in Australia who sell my greeting cards all over the world. 

I often get asked about what influences me - music is a huge influence and part of my life - as well as my spirituality and passion to create. I go to live gigs as often as I can!   I love animals, am vegan and support Sea Shepherd.

Future goals - to create some large pieces mixed media about my spiritual journey, as well as some large portraits also in mixed media, and to keep on fighting the good fight for those who cant and to try in my own small way to make the world a happier place by spreading a little love and compassion around whenever I can.  Live in the moment... its all we have so make sure everyone counts!!!!

Be kind to eachother - Peace out.. Eve x