Business Ethics - Ethical Business

Ok so why have I chosen to write about this particular subject, becuase this is a interesting one isnt it and why now?  Well for the past year and a half I have worked with business that make a point of promoting themselves as ethical, supportng local etc   Ive worked in a very hands on capacity and also designed branding for quite a few different ones over this period and have to say its been an interesting experience, I mean really....

Ive actually thought long and hard about blogging about this but when I first decided to blog I made the deal with myself that if something had an impact on me I wanted to create a written response, even if no one read it - this is for ME, its another creative outlet and something I can reflect on.

Firstly Im not going name, those of you who know me personally will know which business Im referring to.   Im just going to share and actually put this right out there - WHY? becuase my experience in the last 6 months has been intense and its taken alot to process it on many levels.  I work with many companies both large, small, and also with individuals right accross the board from all walks of life, many in the alternative and creative field.  My recent experience was a really strange one that took me to a great height then pushed me over the fucking cliff edge, it was harsh and managed in an totally unprofessional manner.

The definition of Ethics:  Moral principles that govern a person's behaviours or the conducting of an activity.  Its also branded about with companies that take care when sourcing product, they make conscious choices about welfare, sustainablilty sourcing etc

My findings and conclusions are as follows: ethics are actually within a person - they reflect out in their business practice.  Its not just about product and environment or how you treat your customers, its about every ingredient - how you speak to suppliers, how you treat people.  Its morally wrong to give someone opportunity and promises (and yes that is your responsibility) then renege on that - it has consequences both on a human level and karmically.  Of course things can change over time as dynamics do change - this is where being a compassionate human being comes into play - have the courage to address with honesty, kindness and respect.  There are always ways forward - always but sadly sometimes people dont have that courage, or time to address their own failings, say look, Ive really not thought this through, acknowledge the other person and the impact its had on them and move forward - its not the easy option.

I choose to make concscious compassionate choices with love respect and kindness - and make money at the same time - say what you mean, mean what you say.  Life is an amazing journey - knocks included!!!!