Taiji Japan, Faroe - The World is Watching!

Ok so for those of you that know me personally this will be nothing new but the difference now is that the time is fastly approaching when I can actually get out to Faroe or Taiji and help document some of the fucking awful things that happen here.  I was all set to go out to Faroe a few years ago but rightly so got a bit of a slamming against it as my daughter was still quite young.  Being a single parent she was and is my priority.  Shes getting so much more independant now and I will be honouring my need within the next few years to physically do something. 

I have been involved with Sea Shepherd for a number of years now - I find them inspirational in their passion, actions and ethos. If any of you have seen them in action they really are an amazing worldwide group which Im proud to support in any way I can.  Upto now its been limited but that time is changing and I cant wait to get out there!   A number of people have said to me after watching footage " I could never go out there, dont know how you would be able to do that" well my answer is simple, how can I not and at what ever level I can, I will make a difference to the lives of those amazing beautiful creatures thare are killed by mindless humans.  I cant be indifferent to it, I cant not be involved.  Please watch the video below - this happens year after year and its heart breaking - truely.  I will never give up fighting the good fight its way too important.  DO NOT SUPPORT CAPTIVITY! every time you visit a marine park, swim with dolphins - they have come from here! #Faroe #Taiji your days are numbered, this CANNOT continue.  Countdown begins......Peace out...Elf

This is from various clips from various days while in Taiji around the killing cove. This is dedicated to the tireless people that give up their time and witness some of the most cruel acts on Mother Earth