Random Encounters - No such thing as random...

Its been a difficult summer but yesterday I actually felt a true sense of self .. it was amazing.. it was beautiful and Im going to share it.

I was travelling to pick up some product, it was ready .. they were expecting me. My daughter was in the car with me and probably fed up with me gushing about how the roundabouts were filled with beautiful wild flowers and how in the middle of all the busy traffic there was a pocket of the most wonderful poppies and wild flowers for the birds and insects to enjoy. -  Thats very uncool to hear especially when you say that you would love to go and sit in the middle - its a definite eye roll teenager old hippy moment.  We got passed that one and continued on our journey.

Car parked arrived at destination, realising there was actually more to fit in the car than originally antipacted I decided to go and bring the car around to location to load up, and park right outside on yellows.  So I headed back to where my car was parked, daughter decided she would wait at location so off I went at which point 2 things happened.

When I arrived at the street my car was parked I was attracted to a house - regular terrace house, but there was something about this house that commanded my attention, infact the whole street had a really good feel to it.

Secondly, within moments out from this house popped a very dapper gentleman, tall white hair, with an air of delighful fun all around him, really amazing energy.  We hit the same spot at the same time and began talking - yes of course we did...  When two sparkly people meet its quite an interesting exchange - its hard to describe but its sense of recognition and connection with a like minded human being that brings in that moment pure joy.  We stood talking for a while - and in that short space of time I felt blissful.. the radience of love in its purest form of laughter, joy, respect and recognition was complete.  He told me at aged 80 he had just accepted a job as a roadie for a local rock band and we laughed and lit up.  Im not sure if our paths will cross again but it was a reminder for me of who I really am and I really needed to feel that sense of light and love, in a world that is so often filled with stress and pressure that the sense of self gets lost.  THANK YOU.... and if you ever read this.. NAMASTE.. for a wonderful moment you rocked my world.